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Gardens of Time is a hidden objects and building simulator game. The player is part of a secret society that has unlocked the power of time travel. Something has gone awry in the space-time continuum, and the duty to unravel the mystery is placed upon the player. Use your Time Machine to travel through time visiting more than a thousand scenes.

Initially developed by Playdom and released on April 7, 2011, Gardens of Time was sold to RockYou in March-April, 2014, and then to PopReach in February, 2019.

Gardens of Time was the most popular Facebook game in 2011, and was nominated in 2012 for the British Academy Video Games Award.

It is still available to play on Windows, iOS, and Android.

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Chapter 483 Preview (Expected Release Date: 13-Oct-2021)


Time Travelers,

Stay tuned for Chapter 483!
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Explore Gardens of Time

- Team Gardens of Time

Chapter 482 - Georgia, USA (Release Date: Oct 7, 2021)

C482 Scenes & Titles.jpg

Time Travelers,

In Chapter 482, Megan and Enrique deal with a seemingly endless surge of timeline anomalies!

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Explore Gardens of Time

- Team Gardens of Time

Current Time Lab & Days of Crafting Information

TL156 & DOC159.jpg

Time LabTime Lab #156 - Elder Witch Cottage (ACTIVE)

TL156 - Elder Witch Cottage.png

TL156 Announcement.JPG
Time Lab: Elder Witch Cottage is now live!

Hurry, the Elder Witch Cottage Time Lab will expire on 22-Oct,2021!
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Explore Gardens of Time Gardens of Time

- Team Gardens of Time

8 Days of Crafting #159 - Ghost Tavern (Expected Release Date: Oct 11, 2021)


8 Days of Crafting: Ghost Tavern

Place the Ghost Tavern in your Garden on October 11!
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Explore Gardens of Time Gardens of Time

- Team Gardens of Time

Premium Chapter #153 - Dune Baazar (Release Date: Sept 24, 2021)

PC153 Announcement.png

Time Travelers,

A perfect home in nature with a spot for birds to nest! You can spot many birds here. Do not forget to keep an eye on the nests!
Bonus: Earn a 4-star mastery in each of the scenes and receive the Fish Fillet.
Place it soon in your garden by unlocking this premium chapter!
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Explore Gardens of Time Gardens of Time

- Team Gardens of Time

Halloween Gifts - Inner Circle Spooktacular Calendar (Active)


Dear Time Travelers,

This Halloween, it's time to Keep calm and scare on. Something Be"witch"ing is coming to your garden.
The Spooktacular event is LIVE!!!
Log in everyday during this period and grab exciting free gifts to spook up your garden

If you are not an IC member, please join to enjoy these gifts and also, please note, IC membership is free for the first month if you have not availed it yet.

Starts Oct 6, 2021 0:00:00 (PT)
Ends Oct 30, 2021 0:00:00 (PT)

Don't miss out on these awesome free gifts.

Happy Halloween to you all in Advance!

- GoT Team

Gardens of Time Hall of Fame - Active

2021107Chapter482 - Hall of Fame.JPG

Time Travelers,

The Time Society is proud to announce the 'Hall of Fame' in your favorite Gardens of Time game.

To acknowledge the contributions of all Time Society members in solving mysteries and restoring balance in our world and beyond.

Now, the Time Society will know the Top Agents with their names entered in Hall of Fame every chapter. Any Agent who plays the Chapter specified will automatically qualify and go up the list based on Scores.

Good luck!

- Team Gardens of Time

With the release of chapter 455, Gardens of Time (per an announcement on their Facebook app page) transitioned to the Unity/WebGL platform. No more Adobe Flash to contend with! However, there are lots of issues to overcome but they're working on it! The game is still alive for the millions of players who love playing this game!!

With the release of chapter 445 comes new levels! Players can now move up an additional 20 levels to 640!

Statement from PopReach on their Gardens of Time Facebook App Page updating the status of game play on the new HTML5 format:

Time Travelers,
As you all are aware of PopReach working on making Gardens of Time available even after the end of Flash, it's only a matter of time before the new application goes live in December, as we are in the final leg of testing the same.
We are also aware that many of you are curious to know more details. Off late, I came across a lot of comments and discussions on Facebook and thought I will share some sneak peeks of how the game looks, from a testing document that I had.
Meanwhile, I will speak to the team and get you more updates with the latest videos/pictures. So do not forget to keep an eye on our fan page.
The new application will go live in December (the exact date will be communicated), this will not change anything for the players. You will load and play the game as you do now, in the browsers.
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-Team Gardens of Time

With the release of chapter 434 comes new levels! Players can now move up an additional 10 levels to 620!

Statement from PopReach on their Gardens of Time Facebook App Page regarding the game status due to the upcoming Adobe Flash end-of-life (31-Dec-2020):

Time Travelers,
The Tech world is ever changing and evolving and you might be aware that Flash's end-of-life is nearing ('Dec 2020).
To ensure these changes do not affect our PopReach family members, we are already working on moving your favorite game Garden of Time from Flash to available alternate technologies.
We want to ensure all the players, a continued and uninterrupted enjoyable playing experience just like all these years, going forward. So, do not worry about the end of Flash, we are making sure you are not affected by it.
Continue playing and continue enjoying your favorite game!
As always, your love and support keeps us motivated to do our best!
-Team Gardens of Time

With the release of chapter 427 comes new levels! Players can now move up an additional 10 levels to 610!

With the release of chapter 406 comes new levels! Players can now move up an additional 30 levels to 600!

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to add new pages since chapter 393. We're not sure why this is happening & are attempting to contact Fandom for assistance. However, we ARE able to edit existing pages and add images, so keep an eye on this section for updates. We will try to keep this page current.

Team Gardens of Time has extended the top level to 570 (i.e., 20 new levels added)!

Brad has been busy uploading pictures for all the older chapters while Jean has been keeping the most recent chapters & special releases up-to-date on the home page, along with adding pages to this Wiki as new chapters are released by PopReach. We have even now added the ORIGINAL game trailer posted by Playdom when they released the game back in April, 2011! Hope you enjoy reminiscing & playing Gardens of Time!

Have a page for all 358 chapters added to the Wiki. The first 76 chapters include scene pictures, Reputation needed to open each scene, and Experience Points (XP) gained per scene. Still need to add quests, with images, and a list of Buildings/Artifacts/Decorations needed to complete them. Currently doing a screen capture for the scenes I don't have, figure it will take a couple of weeks to get them. Depends on how much time I am working on the Wiki. I still have about 5,000 images to upload. Images include, some Chapter Scenes, Collections, Quests with Rewards, and Building and Wonder Builds. Will work on adding Quests and Buildings to the first 76 Chapters. Please, look around and give me feedback. This is a learning experience. I am looking to add a skin to the pages. I am looking for suggestions. Thank you, Brad Young.

My request to adopt the Gardens of Time Wiki was approved yesterday. Up until that time, there was no way to link anything to this page, making anything created difficult to find. Over the last 9 days all Artifact, Building and Decoration images from the Shop has been uploaded. This doesn't include the Gold items. All Chapter "Splash Screens" have been uploaded. Images for the first 65 Chapter's Scenes have been uploaded. Over the next couple of days, I will be playing with CSS, and creating Articles to go with the images.

New Co-Admin

I'm happy to announce that we have a new co-admin, Jean Walton Uptmor. She will help keep things going if something happens to me. She has been playing Gardens of Time on Facebook since June, 2011. Besides helping with this Wiki, she maintains the online GOTpedia spreadsheet, filled with tons of game information. I believe that many of you may have used some of her work as a resource, I know I did. :)

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