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Use the following links to take you to the online Google Spreadsheet "GOTpedia" maintained by Jean Walton Uptmor. It has been compiled - with the help of many others - to provide a lot of playing information. You may find it useful to adjust your particular browser (Chrome, Edge/IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.) so that the spreadsheet fits the width of your screen. You can always zoom in on a particular section if needed.

There are NINETEEN (19) separate tabs, detailed as follows:

  • NOTE: Use the left & right arrows on the bottom-right to view more tabs!

1st tab - Link:

  • Welcome Page, Links (Game Play, Support), Spreadsheet Contributors

2nd tab - Link:

  • All Garden Items Released (includes cost & most Rep/XP values)

3rd tab - Link:

  • Regular Chapters - Quests, Build Items, & Rewards

4th tab - Link:

  • Regular Chapters - Reputation Requirements

5th tab - Link:

  • Regular Chapters - Scenes in Chapter Order

6th tab - Link:

  • Regular Chapters - Scenes in Alphabetical Order

7th tab - Link:

  • Collection: Keepsakes & Rewards (Regular, Premium, & Crystal)

8th tab - Link:

  • Upgrade Materials List (Artifacts, Buildings, Decorations, & Wonders)

9th tab - Link:

  • Level-Up XP Requirements & Silver Maximum Amount

10th tab - Link:

  • Grid Expansion Info

11th tab - Link:

  • Time Labs - Info Charts

12th tab - Link:

  • Days-of-Crafting & Days-of Gifting Info

13th tab - Link:

  • Collections: Jigsaw/Masterpiece Puzzles - List & Rewards

14th tab - Link:

  • Stamps - List

15th tab - Link:

  • Premium Chapters - Quests, Rewards, etc.

16th tab - Link:

  • Crystal Chapters - Quests, Rewards, etc.

17th tab - Link:

  • Medieval Tower Quests - with pictures

18th tab - Link:

  • Inner Circle Advent Calendars

19th tab - Link:

  • Search Words by Topic

Note: There are 4 additional “working” tabs (locked & hidden) that are used for calculations and/or updates on the other 19 tabs. It is not necessary to access them for any game info.