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C481 Scenes & Titles.jpg
Chapter: 481
Scene: 1
Title: Road To Time Manor
Rep. to open: 592,900,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 154,436,038
Chapter: 481
Scene: 2
Title: Autumn Arrives Paradox
Rep. to open: 593,200,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 154,484,663
Chapter: 481
Scene: 3
Title: Streets in the Fall Time Loop
Rep. to open: 593,500,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 155,920,177
Chapter: 481
Scene: 4
Title: Quincys Hangout
Rep. to open: 593,800,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 155,883,769
Chapter: 481
Scene: 5
Title: View of the Lake Time Warp
Rep. to open: 594,100,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 157,332,404
Chapter: 481
Scene: 6
Title: Quincys Workstation
Rep. to open:
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 157,332,404

Items Available for Gold C481 Gold Bundle.jpg Garden Items Unlock for Purchase with Silver at Level 559
C481 Items Unlock at L559.JPG

C481 Keepsakes Collection.jpg
Collection Name:

   Time Elements Set
   Power Tester
   Timeline Dial
   Gadgets Case
   Pod Codekey
   Time Tracker Device
   Time Jump Test Pod



1. Road to a Vacation
C481q01t.JPGC481q01r.JPGTravel to Road To Time Manor
Find 12 hidden objects in Road To Time Manor
2. Tendril Arch
C481q02t.JPGC481q02r.JPGPlace 4 Vine Arch in the Garden
3. Grandfather Paradox
C481q03t.JPGC481q03r.JPGTravel to Autumn Arrives Paradox
Find 6 differences in Autumn Arrives Paradox
4. Sundial Carving
C481q04t.JPGC481q04r.JPGHave 3 Garden Sundial Sculpture in the Garden
Upgrade 1 Vine Arch to Level 2
5. Flighty Problems
C481q05t.JPGC481q05r.JPGReturn to Curtain Raiser
Find 12 hidden objects in Curtain Raiser
6. Device Waterproofing
C481q06t.JPGC481q06r.JPGTravel to Streets in the Fall Time Loop
Match 12 details in Streets in the Fall Time Loop
7. Spare Part Hunting
C481q07t.JPGC481q07r.JPGTravel to Quincys Hangout
Find 12 hidden objects in Quincys Hangout
8. Not-So-Relaxing Spa
C481q08t.JPGC481q08r.JPGReturn to Suburban Spa
Find 12 hidden objects in Suburban Spa
9. As Fast as Time Travel
C481q09t.JPGC481q09r.JPGTravel to View of the Lake Time Warp
Find 12 hidden objects in View of the Lake Time Warp
10. Sun Calendar
C481q10t.JPGC481q10r.JPGUpgrade 1 Garden Sundial Sculpture to Level 2
Upgrade 1 Vine Arch to Level 3
11. A Busman’s Holiday
C481q11t.JPGC481q11r.JPGEarn 18 total stars in Chapter 481 scenes
Have 1 Chaunceys Abode in the Garden
12. Time Society Vacation Set
C481q12t.JPGC481q12r.JPGCollect the Time Jump Test Pod and place it in your Garden.
13. Chaunceys Cottage
C481q13t.JPGC481q13r.JPGUpgrade 1 Chaunceys Abode to Level 2
Upgrade 1 Garden Sundial Sculpture to Level 3
14. Chaunceys Haven
C481q14t.JPGC481q14r.JPGUpgrade 1 Chaunceys Abode to Level 3
Upgrade 1 Chaunceys Abode to Level 5
15. Time Society Square
C481q15t.JPGC481q15r.JPGComplete the Time Plaza Wonder
16. Time Society Square
C481q16t.JPGC481q16r.JPGUpgrade the Time Plaza to Level 2


19. 3 Star Quincys Hangout File:C481q00t.JPGFile:C481q00r.JPGEarn 3 stars in Quincys Hangout!
21. 5 Star Challenge C481stars05t.JPGStarChallengeReward100.JPGEarn 5 total stars in Chapter 481 scenes
22. 11 Star Challenge C481stars11t.JPGStarChallengeReward100.JPGEarn 11 total stars in Chapter 481 scenes
23. 14 Star Challenge C481stars14t.JPGStarChallengeReward100.JPGEarn 14 total stars in Chapter 481 scenes


C481q17t.JPGC481q17r.JPGTravel to Quincys Workstation
Find 12 hidden objects in Quincys Workstation
3 Star for Quincys Workstation
C481q17xt.JPGC481q17xr.JPGEarn 3 stars in Quincys Workstation

QUEST: Road to a Vacation

Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Greetings, Agent! Am I glad I ran into you!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I have been planning a vacation for weeks.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG And I needed someone to check the timeline monitors at Headquarters.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I have all my travel essentials packed and ready to go.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I am glad I do not have to deal with another time paradox for a week at least!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG The monitors at Headquarters need to be watched constantly. It is our first line of defense against anomalies in our timeline.

QUEST: Grandfather Paradox

Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG Agent, have you seen Quincy? We have a massive paradox on our hands?
A paradox? Again? Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG And it's a big one!
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG I think you'll have to postpone your vacation, Quincy.
Can't Enrique or any of the other Agents handle this by themselves? Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG They are working on it as we speak.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG But the paradox is of unusual proportions. And we need you to take a look at it.

QUEST: Flighty Problems

C167S001 - Curtain Raiser.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG My flight leaves in a few hours! All I wanted was some peace and quiet for a week!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I think we can manage to end this anomaly quickly.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I need your help, Agent!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG There! Done! Great work.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG And right on time!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I can still get to the airport on time. I do not have to miss my vacation!

QUEST: Device Waterproofing

Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Agent, all of our device are malfunctioning. Did Quincy leave yet?
Oh, great! Right when I was about to leave. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
This is going to take forever! Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Nice job, Quincy! The equipment is working again.
Just do not drop it in the water again, Enrique. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
I should make all the devices waterproof. I have a feeling that Enrique is going to test them in the water again. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG

QUEST: Spare Part Hunting

Avatar - Borgsworth - Left.JPG Hello there, Agent. There seems to be something wrong with my mainframe.
Avatar - Borgsworth - Left.JPG Every time I try to move the left side of my body...
Avatar - Borgsworth - Left.JPG The right side moves.
Avatar - Borgsworth - Left.JPG I do not think I can maintain my balance for too long this way!
A few loose wires here and a few replacements there. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
And ta-da! Good as new! Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Borgsworth - Left.JPG Phew! I can walk in a straight line again! I was lucky Quincy did not leave for his vacation yet.

QUEST: Not-So-Relaxing Spa

C232S005 - Suburban Spa.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG The flight departed! There goes my vacation!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I do not think there are any flights left with space in them for a while.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I guess I have nothing left to do but unpack and stay back here.
Quincy missed his flight? Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
We can charter a plane for him to arrive in time for his vacation. Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
It has been a while since he took a few days off. I am sure time society would not mind the expenses. Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG

QUEST: As Fast as Time Travel

Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG A private plane? My vacation just got a hundred times better!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Ah! This is the life.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG A few moments of peace and quiet.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I can finally start working on this new device I was thinking about.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG It is a shame I could not bring my tools from the laboratory with me.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I think I will start drawing a few blueprints of the device here. I cannot wait to get back to Headquarters to start building it!