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C480 Scenes & Titles.jpg
Chapter: 480
Scene: 1
Title: The Governor’s Mansion Paradox
Rep. to open: 591,400,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 151,605,602
Chapter: 480
Scene: 2
Title: Hello Time Warp
Rep. to open: 591,700,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 151,653,413
Chapter: 480
Scene: 3
Title: A One Stop Shop Time Loop
Rep. to open: 592,000,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 153,062,448
Chapter: 480
Scene: 4
Title: Loving Meet and Greet
Rep. to open: 592,300,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 153,026,651
Chapter: 480
Scene: 5
Title: Precious Moments Of Togetherness
Rep. to open: 593,600,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 154,448,562
Chapter: 480
Scene: 6
Title: Gardening with Grandpa and Grandma
Rep. to open:
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 154,448,562

Items Available for Gold C480 Gold Bundle.jpg Garden Items Unlock for Purchase with Silver at Level 558
C480 Items Unlock at L558.JPG

C480 Keepsakes Collection.jpg
Collection Name:

   Feed Elements Set
   Cattle Feed Sack
   Cattle Water Bowl
   Feed Grains
   Feed Trough
   Feed Scooper
   Feed Storage Barn



1. Old Friends
C480q01t.JPGC480q01r.JPGTravel to The Governor’s Mansion Paradox
Find 6 differences in The Governor’s Mansion
2. Petal Birdbath
C480q02t.JPGC480q02r.JPGPlace 4 Floral Birdbath in the Garden
3. Prototypes of Inventions
C480q03t.JPGC480q03r.JPGTravel to Hello Time Warp
Find 12 hidden objects in Hello Time Warp
4. Sculpted Bird Feeder
C480q04t.JPGC480q04r.JPGHave 3 Carved Bird Feeder in the Garden
Upgrade 1 Floral Birdbath to Level 2
5. Discovery Elimination
C480q05t.JPGC480q05r.JPGTravel to A One Stop Shop Time Loop
Match 12 details in A One Stop Shop Time Loop
6. Auctioning for Trouble
C480q06t.JPGC480q06r.JPGTravel to Loving Meet and Greet
Find 12 hidden objects in Loving Meet and Greet
7. Inventive Recovery
C480q07t.JPGC480q07r.JPGReturn to Tjornin Swan Pond
Find 12 hidden objects in Tjornin Swan Pond
8. Missing Memorabilia
C480q08t.JPGC480q08r.JPGReturn to Van Gogh Museum
Find 12 hidden objects in Van Gogh Museum
9. Thick as Thieves
C480q09t.JPGC480q09r.JPGTravel to Precious Moments Of Togetherness
Find 12 hidden objects in Precious Moments Of Togetherness
10. Tree-Stump Bird Feeder
C480q10t.JPGC480q10r.JPGUpgrade 1 Carved Bird Feeder to Level 2
Upgrade 1 Floral Birdbath to Level 3
11. Precursor Auction
C480q11t.JPGC480q11r.JPGEarn 18 total stars in Chapter 480 scenes
Have 1 Lawn Mower Garage in the Garden
12. The Family Grass Roots Set
C480q12t.JPGC480q12r.JPGCollect the Feed Storage Barn and place it in your Garden.
13. Grass Cutter Garage
C480q13t.JPGC480q13r.JPGUpgrade 1 Lawn Mower Garage to Level 2
Upgrade 1 Carved Bird Feeder to Level 3
14. Lawn Trimmer Garage
C480q14t.JPGC480q14r.JPGUpgrade 1 Lawn Mower Garage to Level 3
Upgrade 1 Lawn Mower Garage to Level 5
15. Country Family Farmhouse
C480q15t.JPGC480q15r.JPGComplete the Country Family Farmhouse Wonder
16. Country Family Mansion
C480q16t.JPGC480q16r.JPGUpgrade the Country Family Farmhouse to Level 2


19. 3 Star A One Stop Shop Time Loop 60px60pxEarn 3 stars in A One Stop Shop Time Loop!
22. 5 Star Challenge C480stars05t.JPGStarChallengeReward100.JPGEarn 5 total stars in Chapter 480 scenes
23. 11 Star Challenge C480stars11t.JPGStarChallengeReward100.JPGEarn 11 total stars in Chapter 480 scenes
24. 14 Star Challenge StarChallengeReward100.JPGStarChallengeReward100.JPGEarn 14 total stars in Chapter 480 scenes


C480q17t.JPGC480q17r.JPGTravel to Gardening with Grandpa and Grandma
Find 12 hidden objects in Gardening with Grandpa and Grandma
3 Star for Gardening with Grandpa and Grandma
C480q17xt.JPGC480q17xr.JPGEarn 3 stars in Gardening with Grandpa and Grandma

QUEST: Old Friends

Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG Greetings, Agent! Care to meet a few friends of mine? I do not want to keep them waiting!
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG Strong friendships last almost a lifetime.
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG And the friends you are around with, shape your life too!
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG My friends and I took different paths in life...
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG But we make sure to meet up often!
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG We are planning to auction off all our historical artifacts to create a pool of funds for our grandchildren! It should make paying for their college a breeze!

QUEST: Prototypes of Inventions

Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG Some of us were around during the biggest discoveries of the century! And we all have a few trinkets from the past!
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG Some of them are bringing in old toys and medals.
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG And I want to bring something that has scientific and historical value.
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG Graham Bell was not just the inventor of the telephone!
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG He has plenty of other creations under his belt!
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG And from a happy accident, I own one of the original prototypes!
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG I am happy I did not have to create ripples in the timeline to find something this valuable! It should be a fine addition to our auction.

QUEST: Discovery Elimination

Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Agent, have you seen Chauncey? A time traveler is trying to sabotage his auction!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG The periods of Inventions in the last few centuries are being altered.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG What a disaster! The person is not just tampering with the creation of the artifacts.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG He is eliminating the inventions themselves!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Can you imagine a world without all our inventions?
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG We would have to go right back to the dark ages!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG My lab would not exist without the inventions of the past! It makes me shudder just thinking about my lab vanishing!

QUEST: Auctioning for Trouble

Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG Agent, we will need to find the troublemaker before he sabotages the auction completely! We think that he is someone who is unhappy about an item being sold at the auction!
A saboteur? At our auction! Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
Why would someone sabotage a private auction? Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
Avatar - Natalie - Left.JPG Hey, there! Eleanor felt that you might need a pair of extra hands on this mission!
Avatar - Natalie - Left.JPG Grandparents are the best! Aren't they?
Avatar - Natalie - Left.JPG I always remember visiting my grandparents during the holidays. I would always return a few pounds heavier after the visit!

QUEST: Inventive Recovery

Avatar - Natalie - Left.JPG Some of the items listed and stored for the auction have disappeared! Where could they be?
Tracking the items was not so hard. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
But we need to retrieve them before the auction starts! Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG There! I think we have found everything we came for.
Avatar - Chauncey - Left.JPG Except the inventions and prototypes of Graham Bell.
I cannot find the prototypes on any of the devices at Headquarters. That is really strange. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG

QUEST: Missing Memorabilia

C138S002 - Van Gogh Museum.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG The timeline trail of the items is cold. It is almost like they vanished into thin air in a second!
The auction is about to start! Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
Luckily, I have other curios from my time travel adventures to add to the auction. Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
Avatar - Natalie - Left.JPG Well, just make sure you do not mention their origin!
Avatar - Natalie - Left.JPG All the auctioned items have been sold!
We have plenty of funds to help our grandchildren pay for college. Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
I wonder why anybody would want to steal the prototypes. They are worth nothing without their certificates of authenticity. Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG

QUEST: Thick as Thieves

Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Wait a minute! The prototypes are back on the radar! We should retrieve them immediately!
Hey! I know them! Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
They are old friends of mine! Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
They have no idea how the missing prototypes ended up in their cupboards! Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
Really peculiar. Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG It must have been the work of another inventor who did not want to see the items auctioned off. There seem to be more time travelers than we originally estimated!