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Ch. 354 - Welcome to Columbia.JPG

Chapter: 354
Scene: 1
Title: Elegant Crafts Paradox
Rep. to open: 402,400,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 14,292,091

C354S001 - Elegant Crafts Paradox.JPG

Chapter: 354
Scene: 2
Title: Old Havana Time Warp
Rep. to open: 402,700,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 14,297,743

C354S002 - Old Havana Time Warp.JPG

Chapter: 354
Scene: 3
Title: Hiker's Delight
Rep. to open: 403,000,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 14,428,074

C354S003 - Hiker's Delight.JPG

Chapter: 354
Scene: 4
Title: Lonely Island
Rep. to open: 403,300,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 14,423,864

C354S004 - Lonely Island.JPG

Chapter: 354
Scene: 5
Title: Hourglass Syndicate Headquarters Time Loop
Rep. to open: 30
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 14,555,361

C354S005 - Hourglass Syndicate Headquarters Time Loop.JPG

ItemArt506 - Ancient Plants.JPG
ItemBui455 - Pitching Tent.JPG
ItemDec582 - Wax Palm Tree.JPG
Ancient Plants
Unlocks at Level: 432
Pitching Tent
Unlocks at Level: 432
Wax Palm Tree
Unlocks at Level: 432

Keepsake Collection*
CollItem354 - The Early Bird.JPG
The Early Bird The Great Climb

* To complete the "Complete the Stone Bird Set" Quest, place the keepsake garden item, "The Early Bird" in the garden after getting the Quest.
** The "The Great Climb" is unlocked upon completion of the Quest, "Call for Duty".

C354 Keepsakes Collection.jpg

Collection Name:

Stone Bird Set


Blue Stone Bird
Yellow Stone Bird
Green Stone Bird
Red Stone Bird
White Stone Bird


The Early Bird


1. Crafting Disasters
C354Q001 - Crafting Disasters.JPG C354R001 - Crafting Disasters.JPG Travel to Elegant Crafts Paradox
Find 6 differences in Elegant Crafts Paradox
2. National Tree of Columbia
C354Q002 - National Tree of Columbia.JPG C354R002 - National Tree of Columbia.JPG Place 4 Wax Palm Tree in the Garden
3. Finding Parts 1
C354Q003 - Finding Parts 1.JPG C354R003 - Finding Parts 1.JPG Travel to Old Havana Time Warp
Find 12 hidden objects in Old Havana Time Warp
4. Prehistoric Flora
C354Q004 - Prehistoric Flora.JPG C354R004 - Prehistoric Flora.JPG Have 3 Ancient Plants in the Garden
Upgrade 1 Wax Palm Tree to Level 2
5. Finding Parts 2
C354Q005 - Finding Parts 2.JPG C354R005 - Finding Parts 2.JPG Return to Race Starting Line
Find 12 hidden objects in Race Starting Line
6. Lost in Columbia
C354Q006 - Lost in Columbia.JPG C354R006 - Lost in Columbia.JPG Travel to Hiker’s Delight
Find 12 hidden objects in Hiker’s Delight
7. Mission Successful
C354Q007 - Mission Successful.JPG C354R007 - Mission Successful.JPG Return to Raceway Filling Station
Find 12 hidden objects in Raceway Filling Station
8. Caught in Poor Fashion
C354Q008 - Caught in Poor Fashion.JPG C354R008 - Caught in Poor Fashion.JPG Travel to Lonely Island
Find 12 hidden objects in Lonely Island
9. Zero Effect
C354Q009 - Zero Effect.JPG 60px Travel to Hourglass Syndicate Headquarters Time Loop
Match 12 details in Hourglass Syndicate Headquarters Time Loop
10. Primitive Plants
C354Q010 - Primitive Plants.JPG C354R010 - Primitive Plants.JPG Upgrade 1 Ancient Plants to Level 2
Upgrade 1 Wax Palm Tree to Level 3
11. Call for Duty
C354Q011 - Call for Duty.JPG C354R011 - Call for Duty.JPG Earn 18 total stars in Chapter 354 scenes
Have 1 Pitching Tent in the Garden
12. Complete the Stone Bird Set
C354Q012 - Complete the Stone Bird Set.JPG C354R012 - Complete the Stone Bird Set.JPG Collect The Early Bird and place it in your Garden.
13. Nature Camping
C354Q013 - Nature Camping.JPG C354R013 - Nature Camping.JPG Upgrade 1 Pitching Tent to Level 2
Upgrade 1 Ancient Plants to Level 3
14. Tent Up
C354Q014 - Tent Up.JPG C354R014 - Tent Up.JPG Upgrade 1 Pitching Tent to Level 3
Upgrade 1 Pitching Tent to Level 5
15. Build The Great Climb
C354Q015 - Build The Great Climb.JPG C354R015 - Build The Great Climb.JPG Complete The Great Climb Wonder
16. Colorful Waters
C354Q016 - Colorful Waters.JPG C354R016 - Colorful Waters.JPG Upgrade The Great Climb to Level 2
2 Star Elegant Crafts Paradox
CH354 - 2 Star Elegant Crafts Paradox.JPG CH354R - 2 Star Elegant Crafts Paradox.JPG Earn 2 stars in Elegant Crafts Paradox!
3 Star Old Havana Time Warp
CH354 - 3 Star Old Havana Time Warp.JPG CH354R - 3 Star Old Havana Time Warp.JPG Earn 3 stars in Old Havana Time Warp!
3 Star Hiker's Delight
CH354 - 3 Star Hiker's Delight.JPG CH354R - 3 Star Hiker's Delight.JPG Earn 3 stars in Hiker's Delight!
3 Star Lonely Island
CH354 - 3 Star Lonely Island.JPG CH354R - 3 Star Lonely Island.JPG Earn 3 stars in Lonely Island!
3 Star Hourglass Syndicate Headquarters Time Loop
CH354 - 3 Star Hourglass Syndicate Headquarters Time Loop.JPG CH354R - 3 Star Hourglass Syndicate Headquarters Time Loop.JPG Earn 3 stars in Hourglass Syndicate Headquarters Time Loop!
5 Star Challenge
CH354 - 5 Star Challenge.JPG CH354R - 5 Star Challenge.JPG Earn 5 total stars in Chapter 354 scenes
11 Star Challenge
CH354 - 11 Star Challenge.JPG CH354R - 11 Star Challenge.JPG Earn 11 total stars in Chapter 354 scenes
14 Star Challenge
CH354 - 14 Star Challenge.JPG CH354R - 14 Star Challenge.JPG Earn 14 total stars in Chapter 354 scenes

Quest:Crafting Disasters
Ch.354/S.1 - Elegant Crafts ParadoxC354S001 - Elegant Crafts Paradox.JPG
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Oh, dear! Thanks for coming by immediately. I came here to buy some elegant crafts!
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG These oriental rugs are just so pretty, don't you think?
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG By the way, some juicy gossip has reached my ears.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG did you know Tessa and Quincy recently went for a picnic together?
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Apparently, the place they went to is known as the Venice of Holland.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Oh, how I wish Richard would take me to such places. Which reminds me... maybe I should ask him.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG I could use a vacation right about now.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Oh, ha-ha! Look at me getting carried away with conversation. I called you here to help me fix this Paradox.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Aren't you the sweetest? Thanks for the help, dearie!
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Keep hush about Tessa and Quincy. I don't think anybody knows what's brewing there and I don't want the two new love birds to catch the evil eye.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Anywho, thanks again dear! I'll go decorate my house with these oriental crafts!

Quest:Finding Parts 1
Ch.354/S.2 - Old Havana Time WarpC354S002 - Old Havana Time Warp.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Where is Enrique? I thought he was with you!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I've come here in search of parts to get Borgsworth up and running.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG It's extremely unfortunate what happened to Borgsworth. For a robot, he is showing remarkable similarities to humans.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I guess he only feeds off of our energy. It;s modern machine learning.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG There is one more part I need to fix the robot, but I can't do it without Enrique.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Did you say he is now acquiring the part I need?
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Well, I hope to the machine lord, you are right. That part is surely hard to find.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG But I trust Enrique will do his buddy right and find that part!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Ask him to come to me directly after the job is done. Meanwhile, I'll return and tend to a poor, dismembered robot.

Quest:Finding Parts 2
Ch.153/S.1 - Race Starting LineC153S001 - Race Starting Line.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Hey, hey, hey! You come here to watch this race with me?
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG As a kid, I had always been into monster vehicles, I always wanted a bike of my own.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG But my parents were afraid for my safety because they thought I would be reckless with my life.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Anyway, once I grew up they didn't have a choice but to buy me a bike.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I took the machine with me everywhere. It was like my baby.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Hmmm. The point was not that. The point is that I'm not here to watch this race.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG But one of these vehicles has a part that I need for Borgsworth. The last one got sold out to that fellow on the track.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Now, all I need to do is convince him to give that part to me. After the race ends, of course.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Tell Quincy this will take longer than I expected. I will soon come to Borgsworth's rescue.

Quest:Lost in Colombia
Ch.354/S.3 - Hiker's DelightC354S003 - Hiker's Delight.JPG
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG I'm so glad you were passing by. If not, I wouldn't have intercepted your Time Machine.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG I seem to have lost my way in this great big wild.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG Much of Colombia is still an underdeveloped jungle and I have stumbled upon this haven nestled right in the middle of it.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG My purpose of visit to this place was quite simple. I was given a tip about one of Nikolai's men being here.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG I have strong reason to believe that this man is behind Borgsworth's current condition.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG I need to know who that man is and why he did such a horrible thing to Borgsworth.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG I know for a fact that this is the place because Colombia was Borgsworth's last Time Machine address.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG Anyway, do you know where we are? Maybe I should ask some folks around.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG Apparently, this is the Lost City of Teyuna. This is a pre-Colombian settlement constucted around the 8th century by Tairona Indians.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG It was once a thriving hub of culture, but now all that remains is the ruin of this place.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG Colombia is a pretty cool place if you think about it. It's a pristine experience of a natural jungle.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG Let's hope I find this man. I need to find out what Nikolai's plans are.

Quest:Mission Successful
Ch.154/S.1 - Raceway Filling StationC154S001 - Raceway Filling Station.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG You're back! Did you tell Quincy I'll be late?
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Great! I'm done sweet talking with that man into selling me his part.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Trust me when I say this, but that wasn't an easy task.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG He just didn't seem interested no matter how much I bribed him.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG In the end, I told him Borgsworth was my best robot friend and emotionally manipulated him into giving it up.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I had to strike a deal with him too. I need to replace that part with something valuable of mine.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG So, I gave him my chain. This chain was given to me by my mother when she passed. I held it really close to my heart.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG But never mind that. A friend is in need and I am not going to let Borgsworth remain broken.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG The friendships I have made in this line of business are too precious. I will always stand up for them, even if it means I'll be losing out in the bargain.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Anyway, I'm heading back to the Manor. It's time to fix Borgsworth!

Quest:Caught in Poor Fashion
Ch.354/S.4 - Lonely IslandC354S004 - Lonely Island.JPG
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG I have found the mole. Nikolai is going to feel the force of this hit.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG After getting lost multiple times and after island hopping for what was a long time, I found the man here.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG This island is a small remote paradise that can be reached from a small town in the Caribbean.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG It's relatively unknown to many tourists and Colombians even.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG This had to be the place. Trust Nikolai's men to not be inconspicuous.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG But I had the element of surprise on my part. That man never expected my arrival
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG I instantly recognized him because he was sporting the Hourglass insignia.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG What a dud. Talk about keeping a low profile. Nikolai's men would do much better under my training.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG I've tied him up. He's tied up inside the Time Machine. I plan to take him back to the Manor and interrogate him.

Quest:Zero Effect
Ch.354/S.5 - Hourglass Syndicate Headquarters Time LoopC354S005 - Hourglass Syndicate Headquarters Time Loop.JPG
Avatar - Nikolai - Left.JPG Welcome to my abode. What brings you here?
Avatar - Nikolai - Left.JPG Have you come to inform me about my agent in your grasp?
Avatar - Nikolai - Left.JPG Worry not. I'm already aware of what went down in Colombia.
Avatar - Nikolai - Left.JPG You see, nothing escapes my attention. I've got loyal eyes and ears everywhere. They keep me up to date about my affairs.
Avatar - Nikolai - Left.JPG Eleanor is wasting her time. My agent has sworn and oath of silence. He'll never break.
Avatar - Nikolai - Left.JPG If you think you're ahead now that you're capturing my men, think again.
Avatar - Nikolai - Left.JPG Your amateur teammates have got nothing on me. My plans will remain unharmed, you'll see.