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Ch. 031 - Kenya Dig It.JPG

Chapter: 31
Scene: 1
Title: Lamu Town
Rep. to open: 890,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,230
C031S001 - Lamu Town.JPG
Chapter: 31
Scene: 2
Title: Prehistoric Jungle Paradox
Rep. to open: 900,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,250
C031S002 - Prehistoric Jungle Paradox.JPG
Chapter: 31
Scene: 3
Title: Giraffe Manor
Rep. to open: 910,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,270
C031S003 - Giraffe Manor.JPG
Chapter: 31
Scene: 4
Title: Ta Prohm Paradox
Rep. to open: 920,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,300
C031S004 - Ta Prohm Paradox.JPG
Chapter: 31
Scene: 5
Title: Nagano Hot Spring
Rep. to open: 930,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,320
C031S005 - Nagano Hot Spring.JPG

1. Ready to Rock
C031Q001 - Ready to Rock.JPG C031R001 - Ready to Rock.JPG Have 4 Rift Valley Rocks in the Garden
Have 2 Acacia Trees in the Garden
2. Trekkin' Donkey
C031Q002 - Trekkin' Donkey.JPG C031R002 - Trekkin' Donkey.JPG Travel to Lamu Town
Find 12 hidden objects in Lamu Town
3. The House of Dearth
C031Q003 - The House of Dearth.JPG C031R003 - The House of Dearth.JPG Return to Time Manor
Find 12 hidden objects in Time Manor Flashlight Mode
4. East Ridge Ostrich
C031Q004 - East Ridge Ostrich.JPG C031R004 - East Ridge Ostrich.JPG Have 2 Safari Ostrich in the Garden
5. The Garden Before Time
C031Q005 - The Garden Before Time.JPG C031R005 - The Garden Before Time.JPG Travel to Prehistoric Jungle Paradox
Find 6 differences in Prehistoric Jungle Paradox
6. Your Long Neck of the Woods
C031Q006 - Your Long Neck of the Woods.JPG C031R006 - Your Long Neck of the Woods.JPG Travel to Giraffe Manor
Find 12 hidden objects in Giraffe Manor
7. Hakuna Candelabra
C031Q007 - Hakuna Candelabra.JPG C031R007 - Hakuna Candelabra.JPG Have 4 Candelabra Trees in the Garden
Have 4 Savannah Grass in the Garden
8. The Last Scupper
C031Q008 - The Last Scupper.JPG C031R008 - The Last Scupper.JPG Return to DaVinci Studio
Find 12 hidden objects in DaVinci Studio
9. Mixed Huts
C031Q009 - Mixed Huts.JPG C031R009 - Mixed Huts.JPG Have 3 Maasai Huts in the Garden
10. For Your Ears Only
C031Q010 - For Your Ears Only.JPG C031R010 - For Your Ears Only.JPG Travel to Ta Prohm Paradox
Find 6 differences in Ta Prohm Paradox
11. Rhino-Pastey
C031Q011 - Rhino-Pastey.JPG C031R011 - Rhino-Pastey.JPG Have 2 Safari Rhinos in the Garden
12. Blowing Off Steam
C031Q012 - Blowing Off Steam.JPG C031R012 - Blowing Off Steam.JPG Travel to Nagano Hot Spring
Find 12 hidden objects in Nagano Hot Spring
13. Hup Hut!
C031Q013 - Hup Hut!.JPG C031R013 - Hup Hut!.JPG Upgrade 1 Maasai Hut to Level 3
14. John's Cougar Lion Camp
C031Q014 - John's Cougar Lion Camp.JPG C031R014 - John's Cougar Lion Camp.JPG Earn 18 total stars in Chapter 31 scenes
Have 1 Safari Camp in the Garden
15. Complete the Safari Browser Collection
C031Q015 - Complete the Safari Browser Collection.JPG C031R015 - Complete the Safari Browser Collection.JPG Collect the Safari Jeep and place it in your Garden
16. Build the Savannah Cliff
C031Q016 - Build the Savannah Cliff.JPG C031R016 - Build the Savannah Cliff.JPG Complete the Savannah Cliff Wonder
2 Star Lamu Town
CH031 - 2 Star Lamu Town.JPG CH031R - 2 Star Lamu Town.JPG Earn 2 stars in Lamu Town!
3 Star Giraffe Manor
CH031 - 3 Star Giraffe Manor.JPG CH031R - 3 Star Giraffe Manor.JPG Earn 3 stars in Giraffe Manor!
3 Star Nagano Hot Spring
CH031 - 3 Star Nagano Hot Spring.JPG CH031R - 3 Star Nagano Hot Spring.JPG Earn 3 stars in Nagano Hot Spring!
11 Star Challenge
CH031 - 11 Star Challenge.JPG CH031R - 11 Star Challenge.JPG Earn 11 total stars in Chapter 31 scenes
14 Star Challenge
CH031 - 14 Star Challenge.JPG CH031R - 14 Star Challenge.JPG Earn 14 total stars in Chapter 31 scenes

ItemArt147 - Safari Rhino.JPG
ItemArt148 - Safari Ostrich.JPG
ItemBui055 - Maasai Hut.JPG
Safari Rhino
Unlocks at Level: 54
Safari Ostrich
Unlocks at Level: 55
Maasai Hut
Unlocks at Level: 53

ItemBui056 - Safari Camp.JPG
ItemDec175 - Savannah Grass.JPG
ItemDec176 - Rift Valley Rocks.JPG
Safari Camp
Unlocks at Level: 55
Savannah Grass
Unlocks at Level: 55
Rift Valley Rocks
Unlocks at Level: 55

ItemDec177 - Candelabra Tree.JPG
ItemDec178 - Acacia Tree.JPG
Candelabra Tree
Unlocks at Level: 55
Acacia Tree
Unlocks at Level: 56
Keepsake Collection*
CollItem031 - Safari Van.JPG
ItemWon031 - Savannah Cliff.JPG
Safari Van Savannah Cliff

* To complete the "Complete the Safari Browser Collection" Quest, place the keepsake garden item, "Safari Van" in the garden after getting the Quest.
** The "Savannah Cliff" is unlocked upon completion of the Quest, "John's Cougar Lion Camp".

C31 Keepsakes Collection.jpg

Collection Name:

Safari Browser


Travel Trunk


Safari Van


Quest:Trekkin' Donkey
Ch.31/S.1 - Lamu TownC031S001 - Lamu Town.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I think that after that whole ordeal... ...we could all use a holiday. Some time to take in a bit of nature, perhaps? What do you say?
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG How do you do, team?
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I know we're had some sullen business as of alte, and your stellar professionalism did not g unnoticed.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Therefore, to show my gratitude on behalf of the Time Society, I'm treating you all to a leisurely African Safari!
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I have just a small nagging matter of paperwork to finish off, and then safariing we will go!
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Why don't you gather the necessary supplies in the meantime?
Umm... Have any of you seen Quincy? Is he coming on the safari? Avatar - Megan - Right.JPG
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG Why is it that whenever something emotionally draining happens to us...
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG Alistair immediately tries to muddle it out with some daft team-buiding retreat?
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG Does he thin that we are as easily distracted as small schoolchildren?
Oh goodie, a safari! I've always wanted to see a baby dolphin in real life! Avatar - Lulu - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I know Alistair is a sensitive chap. Which is why his chipper demeanor immediately following a rough patch with an old friend is not at all believable. He's more upset than he's letting on, and we should show our support.

Quest:The House of Dearth
Ch.1/S.2 - Time ManorC001S002 - Time Manor.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I've got quite the knack for reading people, you know. And I can understand why, as a leader, Alistair thinks he's got to put on a brave face. But it's perfectly understandable if he's upset.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Now, here's a mystery I'll admit I don't have the answer to:
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Who has shut off all the lights?
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Alistair? Are you here, ol' mate???
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Hmm... We better have a look around.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Everything still seems to be in place-- save the lights, of course.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG It's almost as if the Manor itself has fallen into mourning for Eleanor's sad fate.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG But there are also no signs of Alistair.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Let's continue to try to track him down. I want to make sure he's looked after.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I'll keep an ear to the ground, so to speak. I'm confident that I'll be able to catch up with Alistair shortly!

Quest:The Garden Before Time
Ch.31/S.2 - Prehistoric Jungle ParadoxC031S002 - Prehistoric Jungle Paradox.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I've found Alistair, as promised. Though it seems he's already turned to a kindred spirit to confide in. Still someone should inform him that something's off the mark at Time Manor.
...Well, Alistair, if Eleanor's the only one who has the system override key for the electrical circuit panel diddley-bob... Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
I'm afraid you quite up the blind alley! Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Oh dear... That's terrible news...
Luckily, that's not the case! Allow me to finish wrangling these dinosaurs and then I'll be happy to investigate. Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
You see, back when I was a spry youngster such as yourself... Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
I became quite proficient at fiddling with circuit boxamajigs. Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
I've bee known to override a system or two in my day, and I'm sure I'll have the power back on at Time Manor in a spark! Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Umm... are you sure you would know what you're--
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I mean! --Are you sure I'm not putting you out of your way, Chauncey?
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I know how much you prefer adventuring out of doors over meddline with wires in our old basement.
Nonsense, Alistair! It's no trouble at all if it will get the Manor back up and running agagin. Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
But I say! If you're looking for a temporary domicile for your operations, I do believe I know just the place! Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Ah, well it seems we didn't need to interrupt at all! I should have known Alistair is quite the resourceful one! After all, he did find me, back in the day!

Quest:Your Long Neck of the Woods
Ch.31/S.3 - Giraffe ManorC031S003 - Giraffe Manor.JPG
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Chauncey says he has a BIG surprise for us! Aren't you just dying to know what it is, Darling?
Huzzah! Not bad for a little rest and recreation while I sort out that electrical funny business, an I right? Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
It's like Time Manor... but with GIRAFFES coming through the windows! Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
Oh my goodness, dear fellow explorers of time! I almost forgot to introduce myself. Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
I'm Dr. Chauncey McNichols, Ph.D. in paleontology and emissary to the outer fringes of time and space! Avatar - Chauncey - Right.JPG
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG We know who you are, Chauncey!
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG Do you honestly expect us to relax with this circus going on around us?
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG Well, I'm sorry if I'm not too keen on sharing my holiday living quarters with a bunch of wild animals...
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG ...who would just as soon snack on my vest for their afternoon tea! Hmph!
Say, have you seen Richard lately? Did he seem more of the devil-may-care self, or is he about the same begrudging and dissatisfied Richard that you'd expect after his getting heart-broken by Cleopatra? Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG

Quest:The Last Scupper
Ch.8/S.5 - DaVinci StudioC008S005 - DaVinci Studio.JPG
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG Have you seen Quincy lately? He hasn't come calling. Though, I suppose, I haven't made much of an effort to see him either. Umm... let him know I am thinking about him if you do see him, okay?
Hmm... Richard's annoyed outburst is most certainly a good sign! Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Though it seems a little odd that he was fussing over a bunch of giraffes... Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Oh... Why is it a good thing that Richard is unhappy, you ask? Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Excuse me, but were you not listening to what Eleanor said when we caught her breaking into the Egyptian tomb? Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
She said she was going to make use of that sarcophagus, which by inference... Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
...seems likely to indicate she meant to do a lot more than just exchange stern words with Cleopatra! Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
If Richard's unhappy, it might be a sign that Eleanor didn't try to wipe Cleopatra from his past after all! Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Yes, I know that doesn't very well make sense. But what I mean is, we must find out what Eleanor did in that tomb! Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
I left Eleanor's inferences out of my debriefing paperwork. If you and Enrique are keen, I'd like to keep the investigation to ourselves until we have more conclusive information. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG

Quest:For Your Ears Only
Ch.31/S.4 - Ta Prohm ParadoxC031S004 - Ta Prohm Paradox.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I hate to delay your joining the safari... ...but the side effects of Eleanor's doleful decision-making can't entirely mend themselves and I'm afraid I just don't feel fit to look into them today.
I do understand Eleanor's reasoning: Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Nab Cleopatra in the very tomb in which she feigned her death, and before Richard could even meet her. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Preventing that saucy tryst from occurring would effectively prevent all of Cleopatra's subsequent diabolical acts. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG But one absolutely mustn't use time travel to meddle with their own personal affairs!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG THERE'S A REASON that there are laws AGAINST that!
Is Eleanor really capable of something so... extreme? Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG If she succeeded, we'll start to see effects much more horrible that Richard losing recollection of his relationship with Cleopatra.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG And I don't know about you, but I'd rather not wait for a confirmation as apocalyptic as a frozen Sahara.
Well then, have you tried observing Richard patiently from a distance? Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I beg your par--
Seeing if there are any changes to his behavior? Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Spying? I beg your pardon, but unlike you, Enrique, I don't feel so comfortable with eavesdropping!
No need to get your specs all bent up, Quincy! I'm merely trying to help. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG But we--
I find being a skilled listener is usually a bery effective way to get the information I need! Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
It's quite simply, really! We keep a close ear on Richard, and if he seems jaded and vexed by Cleopatra, fantastic! It means there's no apocalypses headed our way! Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG

Quest:Blowing Off Steam
Ch.31/S.5 - Nagano Hot SpringC031S005 - Nagano Hot Spring.JPG
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG I know Chauncey is ever-intent on being helpful... ...but personally, he's a bit too much of a nutter for my brand of humor. That, and I'm just not very fond of animals.
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG A nice relaxing soak in these hot springs ought to give me a chance to collect my thoughts and--
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG What the dojo???
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG Why is there a sodding monkey in my meditative space???
You see, Quincy? Richard's still quite irritable! A sure sign of someone who's just come off a very bad breakup! Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG That may very well have been Richard's response to furry creatures all along. Your strategy has gotten us nowhere!
Patience! The right information always reveals inself... in its proper time. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
But seeing as you're ever a stickler for schedules, remind me again why you can't just ask Richard if he remembers meeting Cleopatra? Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Because that's simply not an acceptable option!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG If his relationship with Cleopatra was indeed erased...
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG ...mentioning it to him would surely cause a paradox so great that it would yet again fracture the fabric of the universe!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG We'll need to wait for him to mention Cleopatra himself in order to confirm she still exists in his timestream.
Ah-ha! Waiting and listening! It would seem that I was right all along! Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG *Grumble*
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I know you're fond of Enrique... ...but I do wish he wouldn't take our predicament so lightly. How he manages to remain unfazed by what we overheard in that tomb simply baffles me.