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Chapter: 30
Scene: 1
Title: Ice Cream Parlor
Rep. to open: 840,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,160
C030S001 - Ice Cream Parlor.JPG
Chapter: 30
Scene: 2
Title: Vegas Casino Paradox
Rep. to open: 850,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,160
C030S002 - Vegas Casino Paradox.JPG
Chapter: 30
Scene: 3
Title: Las Vegas Strip
Rep. to open: 860,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,190
C030S003 - Las Vegas Strip.JPG
Chapter: 30
Scene: 4
Title: Manila Jeepney Paradox
Rep. to open: 870,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,210
C030S004 - Manila Jeepney Paradox.JPG
Chapter: 30
Scene: 5
Title: Royal Crown Hotel
Rep. to open: 880,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,230
C030S005 - Royal Crown Hotel.JPG

1. Glass Up the Place
C030Q001 - Glass Up the Place.JPG C030R001 - Glass Up the Place.JPG Have 4 Glass Flower Patch in the Garden
Have 2 Glass Flower Bunch in the Garden
2. Rocky Road
C030Q002 - Rocky Road.JPG C030R002 - Rocky Road.JPG Travel to Ice Cream Parlor
Find 12 hidden objects in Ice Cream Parlor
3. A Dish Best Served Cold
C030Q003 - A Dish Best Served Cold.JPG C030R003 - A Dish Best Served Cold.JPG Return to Greenland Village
Find 12 hidden objects in Greenland Village
4. Young & Electric
C030Q004 - Young & Electric.JPG C030R004 - Young & Electric.JPG Have 1 Vegas Graveyard in the Garden
5. Casino Morale
C030Q005 - Casino Morale.JPG C030R005 - Casino Morale.JPG Travel to Vegas Casino Paradox
Find 6 differences in Vegas Casino Paradox
6. Word on the Strip
C030Q006 - Word on the Strip.JPG C030R006 - Word on the Strip.JPG Travel to Las Vegas Strip
Find 12 hidden objects in Las Vegas Strip
7. The Green Menagerie
C030Q007 - The Green Menagerie.JPG C030R007 - The Green Menagerie.JPG Have 2 Giraffe Topiary in the Garden
Have 2 Rhino Topiary in the Garden
8. Talk is Jeep
C030Q008 - Talk is Jeep.JPG C030R008 - Talk is Jeep.JPG Travel to Manila Jeepney Paradox
Find 6 differences in Manila Jeepney Paradox
9. Lucy in the Sky
C030Q009 - Lucy in the Sky.JPG C030R009 - Lucy in the Sky.JPG Have 1 Giant Guitar in the Garden
10. Tombsday
C030Q010 - Tombsday.JPG C030R010 - Tombsday.JPG Return to Egyptian Tomb
Find 12 hidden objects in Egyptian Tomb
11. Into the Stratmosphere
C030Q011 - Into the Stratmosphere.JPG C030R011 - Into the Stratmosphere.JPG Have 2 Tower Stratoscubes in the Garden
12. Come Cry With Me
C030Q012 - Come Cry With Me.JPG C030R012 - Come Cry With Me.JPG Travel to Royal Crown Hotel
Find 12 hidden objects in Royal Crown Hotel
13. Old and Eclectic
C030Q013 - Old and Eclectic.JPG C030R013 - Old and Eclectic.JPG Have 1 Neon Boneyard in the Garden
14. Shoot for the Stars
C030Q014 - Shoot for the Stars.JPG C030R014 - Shoot for the Stars.JPG Earn 18 total stars in Chapter 30 scenes
Have 1 Shooting Star Hotel in the Garden
15. Complete the Poker Pardner Collection
C030Q015 - Complete the Poker Pardner Collection.JPG C030R015 - Complete the Poker Pardner Collection.JPG Collect the Neon Cowboy and place it in your Garden
16. Build the Grand Fountain
C030Q016 - Build the Grand Fountain.JPG C030R016 - Build the Grand Fountain.JPG Complete the Grand Fountain Wonder
2 Star Ice Cream Parlor
CH030 - 2 Star Ice Cream Parlor.JPG CH030R - 2 Star Ice Cream Parlor.JPG Earn 2 stars in Ice Cream Parlor!
3 Star Las Vegas Strip
CH030 - 3 Star Las Vegas Strip.JPG CH030R - 3 Star Las Vegas Strip.JPG Earn 3 stars in Las Vegas Strip!
3 Star Royal Crown Hotel
CH030 - 3 Star Royal Crown Hotel.JPG CH030R - 3 Star Royal Crown Hotel.JPG Earn 3 stars in Royal Crown Hotel!
11 Star Challenge
CH030 - 11 Star Challenge.JPG CH030R - 11 Star Challenge.JPG Earn 11 total stars in Chapter 30 scenes
14 Star Challenge
CH030 - 14 Star Challenge.JPG 60px Earn 14 total stars in Chapter 30 scenes

ItemArt144 - Vegas Graveyard.JPG
ItemArt145 - Neon Boneyard.JPG
ItemArt146 - Giant Guitar.JPG
Vegas Graveyard
Unlocks at Level: 53
Neon Boneyard
Unlocks at Level: 53
Giant Guitar
Unlocks at Level: 54

ItemBui051 - Tower Stratoscube.JPG
ItemBui054 - Shooting Star Hotel.JPG
ItemDec171 - Giraffe Topiary.JPG
Tower Stratoscube
Unlocks at Level: 52
Shooting Star Hotel
Unlocks at Level: 53
Giraffe Topiary
Unlocks at Level: 53

ItemDec172 - Rhino Topiary.JPG
ItemDec173 - Glass Flower Patch.JPG
ItemDec174 - Glass Flower Bunch.JPG
Rhino Topiary
Unlocks at Level: 53
Glass Flower Patch
Unlocks at Level: 53
Glass Flower Bunch
Unlocks at Level: 54

Keepsake Collection*
CollItem030 - Neon Cowboy.JPG
ItemWon030 - Grand Fountain.JPG
Neon Cowboy Grand Fountain

* To complete the "Complete the Poker Pardner Collection" Quest, place the keepsake garden item, "Neon Cowboy" in the garden after getting the Quest.
** The "Grand Fountain" is unlocked upon completion of the Quest, "Shoot for the Stars".

C30 Keepsakes Collection.jpg

Collection Name:

Poker Pardner


White Chip
Black Chip
Red Chip
Green Chip
Blue Chip


Neon Cowboy


Quest:Rocky Road
Ch.30/S.1 - Ice Cream ParlorC030S001 - Ice Cream Parlor.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG You know I can't resist a sweet treat! Let's find somewhere lovely to catch up! Perhaps you can even bring Quincy-- He seems like he could use a little refreshment.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I've been tailing Eleanor and following what is most certainly going to be a useful lead.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Did you know she talks aloud to herself quite a bit?
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Even in her sleep!
Remind me-- precisely why has this meeting been called? Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
I can't stress any further how much the phrase *we're losing time* is relevant here! Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Patience, dear Quincy! There are most certainly a few tricks up Eleanor's sleeve.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I know misbehaving when I see it, and Eleanor is certainly up to no good.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I'd like to gather some more data to be absolutely certain before I make any formal accusations...
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG ...but it sounds as if Eleanor really ought to be reeled in before things get too out of hand.
That didn't seem like much of a progress report, did it? Would you be so kind as to let me know when Enrique has some *useful* information? Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG

Quest:A Dish Best Served Cold
Ch.28/S.3 - Greenland VillageC028S003 - Greenland Village.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Enrique's deducted the culprit behind those mysterious Danish rifts. I have my own suspicions... Though at this point I am unsure of whether I'd rather be proven right or wrong.
I've managed to make a few friends throughout Danish history. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
No matter how many places I go, I find it charming the way the locals love to talk about strange happenings in their part of town. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
And as a result, I've gathered enough testimony to conclude... Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
...that it was ELEANOR who caused the mysterious rifts. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Oh dear...
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Sadly, I had a feeling the rifts had to do with Eleanor... Though it was nothing but a hunch.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG It seems that she will stop at nothing to try to bring Geoffrey back into the world.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG But why the rifts in Denmark? Were they merely to divert attention?
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG The laws of the Society she had devoted so much of her life to upholding-- all that seems forgotten now.
I never did like being an informant of bad news. Let's go somewhere a little less frosty next time to try to cheer ourselves up. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG

Quest:Casino Morale
Ch.30/S.2 - Vegas Casino ParadoxC030S002 - Vegas Casino Paradox.JPG
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG I think you should try your hand at the card tables. I'd rather not go with you because... umm... I don't particularly care for games of chance. Good luck.
And why is it that of all the points in time and space, you continually cross mine? Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
Haven't you forgotten that I am determied to lock Cleopatra back in her tomb... Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
...and that such a critcal, history-saving task requires my not getting distracted by your petty questions??? Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
Well, I suppose there is no point in being dishonest with you. Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
As a matter of fact, it was *I* who caused those rifts in Denmark. Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
You lot were getting in the way of my plans, and I knew a disturbance like that would draw your attentions away from me. Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
When I dispose of Cleopatra, you'll see my actions along the way were duly justified. Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
I've already lost my knight in shining armor. Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
If I don't do what's in my power to try to save him, what hope do I have left for a bright future? Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Eleanor talks in such riddles, even to herself. I've observed that quite a bit. It's as if she's trying to convince herself that her actions are justified. But if you ask me, she doesn't really believe it.

Quest:Word on the Strip
Ch.30/S.3 - Las Vegas StripC030S003 - Las Vegas Strip.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I'm not usually the type to pull rank. But seeing as we are on high alert, any signs of Eleanor are to be reported to myself right away. Can I count on you?
So if you say you've run into Eleanor... Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
...and she's clearly in a state where she should not be left unattended... Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
...why are you coming to me for advice instead of turning her right in to ol' Alistair? Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
If you ask me, Eleanor's been terribly selfish. And don't believe that whole *stopping Cleopatra will save the course of history* bit for a second! Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
Might I remind you that in another lifetime, I spent an *intimate* amount of time with Eleanor. Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
She's quite clever at twisting things to convince you that she's the one who's in the right. Even when she's entirely wrong. Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG Ahem. I believe I owe you an apology, Richard.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG I've been thinking a lot lately of how one happening leads to another.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG If I had not been so fleeting in my romantic dalliances in the past, well...
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG ...perhaps you wouldn't have responded with your terrible decision to retaliate via your romp with Cleopatra!
Yes, but you don't see me turning back the clock just to erase my own mistakes, do you? Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
That was downright out of character! I do worry that Eleanor is willing to take any risk that she deems necessary at this point. As dull as this sounds, you should follow-up with Alistair on these latest events. Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG

Quest:Talk is Jeep
Ch.30/S.4 - Manila Jeepney ParadoxC030S004 - Manila Jeepney Paradox.JPG
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG You look confused, Honey. But I promise, when it comes to recapping the tangled web of our colleagues past romances, your chum Lulu has the answers!
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG I guess it all happened just as you'd been recruited!
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Eleanor and Richard... wasn't that an awful disaster waiting to happen?
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Surely you must know by now that the only reason Richard bagan his sordid affair with Cleoptra...
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG ...was because he took exception to Eleanor's moonlit gondola ride with Casanova!
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG It's no wonder she's regretting that choice now. Eleanor and Casanova led to Richard and Cleopatra...
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG ...which led to Cleopatra learning how to booby-trap the Time Machine.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG As much as I adore a good story, remembering all this does make me sad.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Whatever do you suppose caused Richard to seek solace in that creepy old tomb?
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG He should never have needed to go to such extremes to find someone who cares about him.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Richard is quite charming. And handsome! He deserves someone who appreciates the real him in a deeper and more meaningful way!

Ch.6/S.3 - Egyptian TombC006S003 - Egyptian Tomb.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Well, love, I'm afraid we're going to have to get our hands dirty. Eleanor thinks that preventing Cleoptra from leaving her tomb will somehow prevent Geoffrey's death from happening. As I understand it, that's not how this time-traveling but works.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Well isn't this... cozy...
I've got the trap all planned out this time. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
I shall hide with the equipmet while you engage Eleanor in prolonged conversation. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Talk about the weather whens she turns up. Or something! I don't know! Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Just make sure I have enough time to purge her time signatures from our database of access codes. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG It's a good thing we're the ones handing th conversation bit-- Right, mentor?
Where are you, you miserable Egyptian tart...? Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Ah, if it's not the high-minded and exalted Eleanor Lansing Purlieu.
... Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Enrique Manners! The Time Society's newest recruit. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance.
Newest recruit? And what exactly are a couple of amateur Time Agents doing here? Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
I was hoping I would be able to do this quietly-- Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG And BURY the evidence???
This sarcophagus is already so conveniently in place... Why let it go to waste? Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
I'm going to ahve to ask you two to leave me to my plans... And you really shouldn't ask what those plans are if you want to keep your careers! Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG We've done it!!! I was able to start the process of erasing the Eleanor's entry data from our systems. It will take a few moments to complete, but finally we've bested her!

Quest:Come Cry With Me
Ch.30/S.5 - Royal Crown HotelC030S005 - Royal Crown Hotel.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Eleanor's entry data has been erased. Her access to time travel will cease completely! That is, unless she knows about-- Er, nevermind! No one knows about the exceptions!
I'm very sorry, old colleague, but it's time to end these shenanigans and come to terms with the facts, sad as though they are. Avatar - Alistair - Right.JPG
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG Hello, Alistair. As an old friend, you must know how much I despise being patronized.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG It's not exactly something I'm willing to stick around for, so--
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG What nonsense is this??? Why can't I open the Time Machine???
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG What have you done???
I'm sorry, Eleanor, but as you're well aware, your choices of late have forced me to take disciplinary action. Avatar - Alistair - Right.JPG
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG !!!
Therefore, you are suspended from the Time Society and disallowed use of any time traveling technology until further notice. Avatar - Alistair - Right.JPG
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG But... I've spent so much of my life devoted to the Time Society.
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG Do you expect me to stay here... in a city of artificial, miniaturied replicas of the grand wonders I once could travel to?
Avatar - Eleanor - Left.JPG *Sob*
Good-bye, Eleanor. I know nothing I say can change things for you now. Avatar - Alistair - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Finally. With a little more work, history shall be repaired. But one question still remains: Did Eleanore do it? Did she carry out her plan to erase Cleopatra's actions from time... for good?