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Chapter: 29
Scene: 1
Title: Nyhavn Waterfront Paradox
Rep. to open: 790,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,080
C029S001 - Nyhavn Waterfront Paradox.JPG
Chapter: 29
Scene: 2
Title: Sands of Time Casino
Rep. to open: 800,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,080
C029S002 - Sands of Time Casino.JPG
Chapter: 29
Scene: 3
Title: The Cancanning Crystalettes
Rep. to open: 810,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,100
C029S003 - The Cancanning Crystalettes.JPG
Chapter: 29
Scene: 4
Title: Backstage Paradox
Rep. to open: 820,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,120
C029S004 - Backstage Paradox.JPG
Chapter: 29
Scene: 5
Title: Limousine Ride
Rep. to open: 830,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,140
C029S005 - Limousine Ride.JPG

1. Induction to Vegas
C029Q001 - Induction to Vegas.JPG C029R001 - Induction to Vegas.JPG Have 1 Welcome to Vegas sign in the Garden
2. To Be or Not to Be Inducted
C029Q002 - To Be or Not to Be Inducted.JPG C029R002 - To Be or Not to Be Inducted.JPG Travel to Nyhavn Waterfront Pardox
Find 6 differences in Nyhavn Waterfront Paradox
3. Five-Card Stud
C029Q003 - Five-Card Stud.JPG C029R003 - Five-Card Stud.JPG Travel to Sands of Time Casino
Find 12 hidden objects in Sands of Time Casino
4. Slow Pokies
C029Q004 - Slow Pokies.JPG C029R004 - Slow Pokies.JPG Have 2 Slot Machines in the Garden
5. A Passage in India
C029Q005 - A Passage in India.JPG C029R005 - A Passage in India.JPG Return to Kinari Bazaar
Find 12 hidden objects in Kinari Bazaar
6. The Death of the Party
C029Q006 - The Death of the Party.JPG C029R006 - The Death of the Party.JPG Travel to The Cancanning Crystalettes
Find 12 hidden objects in The Cancanning Crystalettes
7. In the Red
C029Q007 - In the Red.JPG C029R007 - In the Red.JPG Have 2 Heart Patch in the Garden
Have 2 Diamond Patch in the Garden
8. Heart of Starkness
C029Q008 - Heart of Starkness.JPG C029R008 - Heart of Starkness.JPG Return to Yucatan Cenote
Find 12 hidden objects in Yucatan Cenote
9. Bit of a Stretch
C029Q009 - Bit of a Stretch.JPG C029R009 - Bit of a Stretch.JPG Have 1 Black Limousine in the Garden
10. Project Runaway
C029Q010 - Project Runaway.JPG C029R010 - Project Runaway.JPG Travel to Backstage Paradox
Find 6 differences in Backstage Paradox
11. Back in Black
C029Q011 - Back in Black.JPG C029R011 - Back in Black.JPG Have 2 Spade Patch in the Garden
Have 2 Club Patch in the Garden
12. Ride and Seek
C029Q012 - Ride and Seek.JPG C029R012 - Ride and Seek.JPG Travel to Limousine Ride
Find 12 hidden objects in Limousine Ride
13. Royal Brush
C029Q013 - Royal Brush.JPG C029R013 - Royal Brush.JPG Have 2 Lion Topiary in the Garden
Have 2 Elephant Topiary in the Garden
14. Complete the Royal Roulette Collection
C029Q014 - Complete the Royal Roulette Collection.JPG C029R014 - Complete the Royal Roulette Collection.JPG Collect the Roulette Table and place it in your Garden
15. City of Starlight
C029Q015 - City of Starlight.JPG C029R015 - City of Starlight.JPG Earn 18 total stars in Chapter 29 scenes
Have 1 Starlight Hotel in the Garden
16. Build the Grand Casino
C029Q016 - Build the Grand Casino.JPG C029R016 - Build the Grand Casino.JPG Complete the Grand Casino Wonder
2 Star Nyhavn Waterfront Paradox
CH029 - 2 Star Nyhavn Waterfront Paradox.JPG CH029R - 2 Star Nyhavn Waterfront Paradox.JPG Earn 2 stars in Nyhavn Waterfront Paradox!
3 Star Sands of Time Casino
CH029 - 3 Star Sands of Time Casino.JPG CH029R - 3 Star Sands of Time Casino.JPG Earn 3 stars in Sands of Time Casino!
3 Star The Cancanning Crystalettes
CH029 - 3 Star The Cancanning Crystalettes.JPG CH029R - 3 Star The Cancanning Crystalettes.JPG Earn 3 stars in The Cancanning Crystalettes!
11 Star Challenge
CH029 - 11 Star Challenge.JPG CH029R - 11 Star Challenge.JPG Earn 11 total stars in Chapter 29 scenes
14 Star Challenge
CH029 - 14 Star Challenge.JPG CH029R - 14 Star Challenge.JPG Earn 14 total stars in Chapter 29 scenes

ItemArt140 - Welcome to Vegas.JPG
ItemArt141 - Black Limousine.JPG
ItemArt142 - Slot Machines.JPG
Welcome to Vegas
Unlocks at Level: 52
Black Limousine
Unlocks at Level: 52
Slot Machines
Unlocks at Level: 52

ItemBui052 - Starlight Hotel.JPG
ItemDec165 - Club Patch.JPG
ItemDec166 - Diamond Patch.JPG
Starlight Hotel
Unlocks at Level: 52
Club Patch
Unlocks at Level: 52
Diamond Patch
Unlocks at Level: 52

ItemDec167 - Heart Patch.JPG
ItemDec168 - Spade Patch.JPG
ItemDec169 - Elephant Topiary.JPG
Heart Patch
Unlocks at Level: 52
Spade Patch
Unlocks at Level: 53
Elephant Topiary
Unlocks at Level: 53

ItemDec170 - Lion Topiary.JPG
Lion Topiary
Unlocks at Level: 53
Keepsake Collection*
CollItem029 - Roulette Table.JPG
ItemWon029 - Grand Casino.JPG
Roulette Table Grand Casino

* To complete the "Complete the Royal Roulette Collection" Quest, place the keepsake garden item, "Roulette Table" in the garden after getting the Quest.
** The "Grand Casino" is unlocked upon completion of the Quest, "City of Starlight".

C29 Keepsakes Collection.jpg

Collection Name:

Royal Roulette


10 of Hearts
Jack of Hearts
Queen of Hearts
King of Hearts
Ace of Hearts


Roulette Table


Quest:To Be or Not to Be Inducted
Ch.29/S.1 - Nyhavn Waterfront ParadoxC029S001 - Nyhavn Waterfront Paradox.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG The rifts in Denmark are almost entirely sealed. Resolving this paradoxical aftereffect should cover the last of the temporal abnormalities. Why don't you bring Enrique along?
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Surprise!!!
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Reconciling this paradox will be Enrique's final trial!
A pop quiz! Oh, Alistair, how cheeky of you. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
But I do believe that I've been more than well prepared for this and beyond ready. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
And now, I shall prove it! Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Absolutely wonderful work, Enrique! And welcome to the Time Society!
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I always knew a sharp lad like you would one day make a fine Time Agent.
Well Alistair, I have you to thank for that opportunity and my lovely mentor here for teaching me the necessary skills! Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
And now... I believe a celebration is in order! Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Enrique is right. A celebration is in order. Not only for him, because you ought to be congratulated as well!

Quest:Five-Card Stud
Ch.29/S.2 - Sands of Time CasinoC029S002 - Sands of Time Casino.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I've found just the place for a little bit of joviality. I always thought that Vegas could use a bit of tidying up anyway. You go on along and enjoy yourself!
My new friends! It is an absolute pleasure to meet each and every one of you. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Welcome to the Time Society, Enrique!
We sure are glad to have you! Avatar - Megan - Right.JPG
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG It's certainly nice to have someone around whose idea of a good time is something other than reshaping hats!
I'm looking forward to working with you all. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
But I think that's enough business talk for tonight, is it not? Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Hey! I never did learn how to play cards.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Do I win if the pictures on each of my cards is different?
Are they in numerical sequence? Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Umm, one of them doesn't have a number. It has the letter J on it.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Do I win becasue I got a special letter card?!
... Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG It's so nice to finally have faces to go with names. Though I wonder why that funny bespectacled guy, Quincy, didn't turn up. It seemed as though Megan was looking for him all evening...

Quest:A Passage in India
Ch.12/S.5 - Kinari BazaarC012S005 - Kinari Bazaar.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG Where is everyone??? Never mind! There are several urgent temporal abnormalities that need to be investigated right away! We're going to need to split up.
Get back here, you treacherous minx!!1 Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
Oh! I didn't mean YOU of course. Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
But I happen to be in hot pursuit of that duplicitous Cleopatra! Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
If you're going to interrogate me, then you better keep at my pace! Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
I'll have you know that I am not the type to allow myself to dissolve away in a sea of grief. Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
I'm determined to save my Geoffry and tehre is nothing you can do to stop me. Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
As a matter of fact, this happens to be exactly moments after Cleopatra abandoned Richard in Varanasi. Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
Naturally, her first attempt at time travel spat her out here. She couldn't even make it out of India! Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
If I can catch her now, it will erase ALL of Cleopatra's despicable wrongdoings and restore the propber course of history! Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
Don't you get it? I AM acting out my duty to protect the integrity of time! Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
That is, I would be if you were' slowing me down... Avatar - Eleanor - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I don't understand! Just how is Eleanor managing to stay half a step out of our grasp every time?

Quest:The Death of the Party
Ch.29/S.3 - The Cancanning CrystalettesC029S003 - The Cancanning Crystalettes.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG The rest of the team has been positively fantastic company. But a celebration of my induction simply did not seem complete without you. I'm so glad you're returned!
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Ah, and I see that you've managed to hunt down our tardy techie! Brave!
Umm... tardy to what, exactly? Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG We're celebrating in honor of our new inductee.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I thought the team could use a spot of jumilation, after all we've been through as of late, and--
I beg your pardon, Alistair, but-- Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Richard - Left.JPG Enough with the dreart speeches, you sourpusses! Can't you see that some of us are here to enjoy a show?
Isn't this such a marvelous time? Avatar - Megan - Right.JPG
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG NO! It is most definitely NOT a marvelous time!
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG There is a crack in the very fabric of space and time that is threatening to pull us all into an alternate timeline.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG The future of mankind is hinging on *us* being able to stop that crack from spreading.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG And the very cause of this crack is a veteran Time Agent who-- SOMEHOW-- manages to keep evading capture.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG I'm sorry that Geoffrey died, and I understand that you're all trying to cope in different ways.
Avatar - Quincy - Left.JPG But those ways simply CANNOT stand in the way of the fact that at this very instant, we need to do our jobs!!!
*Gasp* Avatar - Megan - Right.JPG
I've never heard such harshness coming from Quincy before. I know our work is very important to him but... is it more important to him than campassion? Or love? Avatar - Megan - Right.JPG

Quest:Heart of Starkness
Ch.21/S.5 - Yucatan CenoteC021S005 - Yucatan Cenote.JPG
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG Quincy says he'd like a word with me. I hope we'll be able to talk about his... outburst. I don't like the idea that Quincy had all that bottled-up frustraion and never thought to open up to me.
Hello, Megan. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG Hello, Quincy dear!
Is there anything you wish to tell me? Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG Say, friend. Perhaps you could give Quincy and I a moment of privacy?
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG Yes, Quincy. I KNOW you're just trying to do your job. We're all trying to do our jobs as best we can!
Well, it doesn't exactly seem that there's been much of a sense of urgency to catch Eleanor before she does something else abominably irrational. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG For pity's sake, Quincy! Her beloved died in her arms after saving her from danger!
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG If something happened to me, would you not also want to do everything in your power to protect me from a horrible fate?
Are you saying you've been taking Eleanor's side? Blimey, Megan!-- Do you know where she is??? Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG I didn't say that, Quincy, and that is entirely besides the point!!
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG *Sniffle* That's for accompanying me... but-- *sniffle*-- I think I'd like to be alone for a little while if you don't mind.

Quest:Project Runaway
Ch.29/S.4 - Backstage ParadoxC029S004 - Backstage Paradox.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Quincy is right, I'm afraid. It's been painfully challenging to fill Eleanor's role as a leader in her absence and I may not have been doing the best job.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I know your sense of adventure is what drew you to the Time Society.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG But as you know by now, there's a much more difficult duty that we share as Time Agents.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG As a Time Agent, we'll see bad things happen to good people, and we're forbidden to prevent them.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG The hardest part is not that we're powerless in these situations but that we have a power we simply cannot use.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG It may not have been the best plan in hindsight...
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG But my goal was to prevent you from facing these difficult and painful judgment calls.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG In the grand scheme of things, you've not been with us for very long and I didn't want your adventuresome spark to go dark.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I asked you to tutor Enrique thinking I could protect you from all this sad business.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG But I should have known you'd continue to help the others as well.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I suppose this changes nothing then. Other than that now, with Enrique fully inducted, we should all turn our attention towards finding Eleanor.

Quest:Ride and Seek
Ch.29/S.5 - Limousine RideC029S005 - Limousine Ride.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I may be a Time Agent now... ...but I haven't lost my knack for covert operations. Perhaps I can be of help?
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I've never met Eleanor in person, which means she has most certainly not met me.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I know that she is grieving the loss of her loved one...
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG ...and I have been known to make myself a very sturdy shoulder to cry on!
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Perhaps I could present myself to her as a sympathetic stranger?
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Ah yes, of course.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG You're quite right that she's unlikely to be much of a conversationalist while she is on the run.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG But that doesn't mean she can't be followed!
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG My promotion may have stemmed partially due to Alistair's desire to protect you from more somber missions...
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG ...but I am determined to prove to everyone that I am more than just a mere distraction!
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG You're so sweet to worry about me. But you shouldn't! I'll be in hot pursuit of Eleanor in no time.