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Ch. 028 - Denmark's the Spot.JPG

Chapter: 28
Scene: 1
Title: Viking Ship
Rep. to open: 740,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,000
C028S001 - Viking Ship.JPG
Chapter: 28
Scene: 2
Title: Greek Temple Paradox
Rep. to open: 750,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,020
C028S002 - Greek Temple Paradox.JPG
Chapter: 28
Scene: 3
Title: Greenland Village
Rep. to open: 760,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,020
C028S003 - Greenland Village.JPG
Chapter: 28
Scene: 4
Title: Roman Colosseum Paradox
Rep. to open: 770,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,040
C028S004 - Roman Colosseum Paradox.JPG
Chapter: 28
Scene: 5
Title: Dragon Lake
Rep. to open: 780,000
Experience Points (XP) per scene: 2,060
C028S005 - Dragon Lake.JPG

1. Barococo
C028Q001 - Barococo.JPG C028R001 - Barococo.JPG Place 4 Tivoli Lampposts in the Garden
Have 2 Baroque Walls in the Garden
2. May the Norse Be with You
C028Q002 - May the Norse Be with You.JPG C028R002 - May the Norse Be with You.JPG Travel to Viking Ship
Find 12 hidden objects in Viking Ship
3. The Supposium
C028Q003 - The Supposium.JPG C028R003 - The Supposium.JPG Travel to Greek Temple Paradox
Find 6 differences in Greek Temple Paradox
4. Barococo 2
C028Q004 - Barococo 2.JPG C028R004 - Barococo 2.JPG Have 2 Baroque Hedges in the Garden
5. Lunar Eclipse of the Heart
C028Q005 - Lunar Eclipse of the Heart.JPG C028R005 - Lunar Eclipse of the Heart.JPG Return to Pyramid of the Moon
Find 12 hidden objects in Pyramid of the Moon
6. It’s Easy Being Greenland
C028Q006 - It’s Easy Being Greenland.JPG C028R006 - It’s Easy Being Greenland.JPG Travel to Greenland Village
Find 12 hidden objects in Greenland Village
7. Snow Playdom
C028Q007 - Snow Playdom.JPG C028R007 - Snow Playdom.JPG Have 1 Snow Castle in the Garden
Place 2 Holiday Lamp Posts in the Garden
8. Hole-y Roman Empire
C028Q008 - Hole-y Roman Empire.JPG C028R008 - Hole-y Roman Empire.JPG Travel to Roman Colosseum Paradox
Find 6 differences in Roman Colosseum Paradox
9. In the Land of Ice and Snow
C028Q009 - In the Land of Ice and Snow.JPG C028R009 - In the Land of Ice and Snow.JPG Have 1 Snowy Kulusuk in the Garden
10. Through the Cooking Glass
C028Q010 - Through the Cooking Glass.JPG C028R010 - Through the Cooking Glass.JPG Return to Manhattan Kitchen
Find 12 hidden objects in Manhattan Kitchen
11. Lake It or Leave It
C028Q011 - Lake It or Leave It.JPG C028R011 - Lake It or Leave It.JPG Travel to Dragon Lake
Find 12 hidden objects in Dragon Lake
12. Emerald City
C028Q012 - Emerald City.JPG C028R012 - Emerald City.JPG Earn 18 total stars in Chapter 28 scenes
Have 1 Kulusuk Houses in the Garden
13. Complete the Nice Fishing Collection
C028Q013 - Complete the Nice Fishing Collection.JPG C028R013 - Complete the Nice Fishing Collection.JPG Collect the Ice Fisher and place it in your Garden.
14. Build the Viking Ship
C028Q014 - Build the Viking Ship.JPG C028R014 - Build the Viking Ship.JPG Complete the Viking Ship Wonder
2 Star Viking Ship
CH028 - 2 Star Viking Ship.JPG CH028R - 2 Star Viking Ship.JPG Earn 2 stars in Viking Ship!
3 Star Dragon Lake
CH028 - 3 Star Dragon Lake.JPG CH028R - 3 Star Dragon Lake.JPG Earn 3 stars in Dragon Lake!
3 Star Greenland Village
CH028 - 3 Star Greenland Village.JPG CH028R - 3 Star Greenland Village.JPG Earn 3 stars in Greenland Village!
11 Star Challenge
CH028 - 11 Star Challenge.JPG CH028R - 11 Star Challenge.JPG Earn 11 total stars in Chapter 28 scenes
14 Star Challenge
CH028 - 14 Star Challenge.JPG CH028R - 14 Star Challenge.JPG Earn 14 total stars in Chapter 28 scenes

ItemArt019 - Santa's Sleigh.JPG
ItemArt138 - Baroque Wall.JPG
ItemArt139 - Snow Castle.JPG
Santa's Sleigh
Unlocks at Level: 10
Baroque Wall
Unlocks at Level: 51
Snow Castle
Unlocks at Level: 52

ItemBui049 - Kulusuk Houses.JPG
ItemBui050 - Snowy Kulusuk.JPG
ItemDec044 - Holiday Lamp Post.JPG
Kulusuk Houses
Unlocks at Level: 51
Snowy Kulusuk
Unlocks at Level: 52
Holiday Lamp Post
Unlocks at Level: 10

ItemDec163 - Tivoli Lamppost.JPG
ItemDec164 - Baroque Hedges.JPG
Tivoli Lamppost
Unlocks at Level: 52
Baroque Hedges
Unlocks at Level: 52
Keepsake Collection*
CollItem028 - Ice Fisher.JPG
ItemWon028 - Viking Ship.JPG
Ice Fisher Viking Ship

* To complete the "Complete the Nice Fishing Collection" Quest, place the keepsake garden item, "Ice Fisher" in the garden after getting the Quest.
** The "Viking Ship" is unlocked upon completion of the Quest, "Emerald City".

C28 Keepsakes Collection.jpg

Collection Name:

Fishy Business


Red House
Orange House
Yellow House
Green House
Blue House


Ice Fisher


Quest:May the Norse Be with You
Ch.28/S.1 - Viking ShipC028S001 - Viking Ship.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I just don't understand. Is there something I am missing? Perhaps a fresh pair of eyes like yours could ehp.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG You see, I've been searching and searching for the cause of these rifts in Denmark.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Unlike the sort of sabogate we've seen from Cleopatra, they seem to be speread amongst not only various places in Denmark...
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG ...but throughout the very history of the Danes!
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG A dusturbance so targeted, yet broad in scope, could only be orchestrated by someone with a very high-level of experince manipulating time.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG But who?
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG You're quite right to wonder if this is all just another case of the odd happenings resulting from Eleanor trying to reverse Geoffrey's fate.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG But the strange thing is that all the data contradicts such a connection.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Perhaps it is no coincidence just how contradictory the two events are!
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG You seem confused.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Just continue to focus on preparing Enrique for his induction...
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG ...and let me worry about the numerous threats to the integrity of time and space.
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I should remind you. Enrique's official trials are coming up. And while I'm sure you've done a stellar job in training him thus far, a few more practive rounds won't hurt

Quest:The Supposium
Ch.28/S.2 - Greek Temple ParadoxC028S002 - Greek Temple Paradox.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I've always wanted to visit Ancient Greece! What's the occasion? To what do I owe this wonderful surprise trip?
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Ah-ha! I see that you've surprised me with the delights of more paradox practice.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I'm happy to oblige, but I do wish you wouldn't worry so much about my upcoming performance review.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG You've already gone above and beyond as a mentor, such that I can't possibly not pass!
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I'm ready if you are!
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Hmm... perhaps I am looking into things too deeply...
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG But do you ever wonder how these odds and ends wind up together?
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG These things that get shifted around from disturbances in the space-time continuum.
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Do you think there's more to learn about how and where they land?
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG You're right! How silly of me. Of course the pieces of time debris arrive at their final destinations at random! Well, that's enough philosophizing for me!

Quest:Lunar Eclipse of the Heart
Ch.21/S.1 - Pyramid of the MoonC021S001 - Pyramid of the Moon.JPG
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG Thanks for looking into my hunch. Did you find any clues linking Cleopatra to the rifts in Denmark?
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG That IS what you were doing back in Ancient Greece, right?
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG After all, Cleopatra was of Greek descent, despite being known throughout history as an Egyptian ruler.
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG I know I am supposed to be hunting down Eleanor so we can stop her from further disrupting time...
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG ...but I couldn't help but check out a few of Cleopatra's known hideouts along the way.
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG Well, it was worth a shot, wasn't it?
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG What do you mean I have been acting strangely?
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG Does Quincy think so???
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG No! I DON'T have a problem with being the one who has to hunt down Eleanor, a long-respected and distinguished member of the Time Society...
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG ...who broke the rules in the name of love so she could have a chance to true personal happiness...
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG ...and whose friends have since turned on her and treated her like a criminal!
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG Of COURSE not!
Avatar - Megan - Left.JPG Umm... sorry. I didn't mean to get so defensive. Okay, so perhaps I do feel awful about all that's become of Eleanor. Don't tell Quincy I've been procrastinating? Please?

Quest:It's Easy Being Greenland
Ch.28/S.3 - Greenland VillageC028S003 - Greenland Village.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I'll be accompanying you on this mission. While holding a series of trials to offically induct a new recruit was Eleanor's policy, that doesn't mean it wasn't a sound one.
I'm ready to begin whenever you are, Alistair! Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Well then, Enrique. I trust that you will be able to patch up this rift...
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG ...taking care not to receive too much help from your mentor? Hmm?
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Splendid!
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Well done, Enrique!
Thank you, Alistair! Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Of course, I owe it all to my spectacular mentor here, for teaching me everything I know about mending time rifts. Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG
Don't be so modest! I may be a beacon of confidence but our many practice runs are certainly not to be devalued. Thank you for being so wonderful! Avatar - Enrique - Right.JPG

Quest:Hole-y Roman Empire
Ch.28/S.4 - Roman Colosseum ParadoxC028S004 - Roman Colosseum Paradox.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG Enrique's next trail awaits! But I trust you'll understand why I'd like him to tackle one on his own. Why don't you see if the others could use your help in the meantime?
Thank goodness those blaseted floodwaters seem to have all resided. Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
The COlosseum seems to be back to normal--almost. Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
Just as soon as we take care of this paradox... Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG'll be as if Eleanor's little act of selfishness never turned Rome into a marshland at all! Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
Another job well-done byt the Time Society, I suppose. Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
I don't mean to sound as if I have relapsed back into my rather embarrassing emotional low-point or anything... Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
But do you ever wonder how much of our work is simple cleaning up the problems that our own Society created? Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
We are supposed to be the valiant preservers of history but at times-- Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
Well, at times, does it not seem to you that we are merely trying to sweep our own messes under the rugs, before history turns into catastrophe? Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG
I suppose there's a reason I've never been asked to mentor a new inductee. Brave to you for being up to the task. Avatar - Richard - Right.JPG

Quest:Through The Cooking Glass
Ch.24/S.3 - Manhattan KitchenC024S003 - Manhattan Kitchen.JPG
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Well if Cleopatra's not using that swanky kitchen... I'm certainly not going to let it go to waste! Are you coming, Honey???
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG I was just thinking!
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Maybe Cleopatra left behind some kind of clue here about where she was planning to set up her next hideout.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG What do you say we comb this place for more info, Darling?
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Hmm... Lots of things left behine...
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG But I can't tell if any of them are clues!
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG I know the others are worried about all kinds of crazy weather things, like snowing in Egypt and flooding in Rome...
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG But it doesn't seem right that we let Cleopatra just get away!
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG Especially not if Richard is left dwelling on her.
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG The sooner he buries her back in that Egyptian tomb, the sooner he can be happy again and move on!
Avatar - Lulu - Left.JPG I'm not going to give up on this case! But don't mention it to Richard-- okay Sweet Pea? He doesn't need to be reminded of that crusty old tart Cleopatra! No way!

Quest:Lake It or Leave It
Ch.28/S.5 - Dragon LakeC028S005 - Dragon Lake.JPG
Avatar - Alistair - Left.JPG I'm impressed by how well you've trained Enrique! I think it's time for him to meet our chief technologist. Don't you?
This is beyond alarming! Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
I set the Time Machine's course for one of the rifts in Denmark and somehow we wound up back in feudaly Japan! Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
This is not good. Not good at all. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Actually, I believe there's nothing to worry about here!
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG It may look like we are in Japan, but this is actually just part of a delightful Danish amusement park!
How are you so sure? I, for one, and NOT amused. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG Of course I'm sure! I never make a statement I don't feel confident about!
And just who might you be? Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG I'm Enrique Manners! Surely you must know that our friend here has been training me to become the newest Agent of the Time Society!
Oh, right. Of course. New recruit. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Well, it's nice that we're boosting our staffing and all... Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
...but there's much too much work to be done with nabbing Eleanor and mending the crack in time. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
So now that we've sorted this rift in... Denmark... I'll be getting on with all my other tasks. Avatar - Quincy - Right.JPG
Avatar - Enrique - Left.JPG What a funny sort of man! Is he always in such a hurry? I would think that an organization with possession of a Time Maching would not be so obsessed with scheduling!